Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Can I use Banatic on more than one website?

Yes, absolutely. Just create a box and assign it to a new website.

Does Banatic support multiple languages?

Yes, every text element in the Banatic box is 100% customizable. This means you can write in any language. The administration panel is in English.

Does Banatic support multiple websites?

Yes, you can add as many websites as you want.


How much does Banatic costs?

We always give our customers a 30 day free trial. After the 30 free trial you can choose between two billing methods: Pay as you go which costs $0.19 per email subscriber, but you will only get billed on a monthly cycle. You can also choose a flat rate plan which ranges from $19 to $249/month. The prices are based on the number of subscribers you get per month.

What happens if I exceeed my plan?

We always assign you to the most cost-effective plan for. There are also no fees for switching between plans and you can upgrade / downgrade at any time.

Will the price increase if I have a large number of subscribers on my list?

No, never. The pricing are based on the number of new subscribers you capture through each month. If you have 10,000 subscribers but only receive 100 new subscribers in a month, then you will only be charged for the 100 subscribers.

Technical Questions

My box is not showing?

Make sure you have jquery on your website, insert this code in your in your header:

<script src='' type='text/javascript'></script>

or ask us to help you

Will Banatic slow down my site?

Never! Speed is important for all of us. Therefore the Banatic file is less than 1 KB. The Banatic box loads after the rest of your site and only for a user who’s about to see it.

What Browsers does Banatic run in?

Your Banatic box will show in all browsers down to IE6.

Can I use Banatic with any website?

Yes, you can use Banatic on all websites. You need to insert a tiny snippet of code in order to run Banatic.

What email services does Banatic work with?

You can import subscription lists manually to all email services that supports CSV files including Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Aweber, GetResponse among others.

If you have problems importing to your favorite email service, please let us know.

How long do you keep my information? will hold onto your information as long as you have a Banatic account. When you delete your account the information is deleted from our servers permanently. Make sure you export your subscription lists if you decide to leave us.

Design Questions

How can I get rid of the “powered by” logo.

You can hide the Banatic badge under "edit box". Here you can expand the settings panel and choose not to show Banatic badge.
Please note that it is not possible to hide the Banatic badge on a free plan.

Can you help me create a cool Banatic box?

Absolutely, we have professional designers on hand who will help you create a unique, good looking and good performing Banatic box.


What’s with the name?

Mailchimp is an email service we support, and chimps like bananas….so :-)

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